iPhone Case Retro Looks Like Camera

The iPhone X: The final iPhone of the year.


Apple’s iPhone lineup has a different twist this year: the biggest flagship is arriving late, and it’s still a device we have lots of questions about. The iPhone X is available for pre-order October 27 and will begin shipping on November 3. Should you take the plunge?

Here are this year’s arguments for and against.


  • The iPhone X has a lot of unknowns. How does Face ID work? Is it easy to use? Is the new, longer display with that cut-out notch annoying? How easy is it to use Face ID to pay for things? We still have questions, and we don’t have definitive answers yet.
  • It’s OK to wait. Diving in on day 1 with brand-new tech is exciting, but it’s also a rougher road. Having millions of buyers actually using the device might reveal issues Apple never ran across in testing. You could wait for it all out and see how things go, and decide later. Really, that’s OK.
  • It’s really expensive. Starting at $1,000, the iPhone X model you probably really want is the 256GB version at $1,149. Comparably, the still-really-good 256GB iPhone 8 Plus is $949. Which… is also expensive. But at least you’ll save a bit of money.
  • Version 1.0 of any new tech is usually a risk. Apple’s next-level face-mapping 3D sensors on the TrueDepth camera promise a lot, but odds are that tech will be further refined in a year or so via either software or hardware. Waiting a year for a possible “S” model isn’t such a bad way to go if you’re at all uncertain.
  • It’s not that long a wait till next September, and maybe a second-gen X model. Does that sound insane? Assuming next year’s iPhones arrive in September, this later November launch means a 10-month wait instead of 12 months. And, if your preordered phone is delayed, there’s even more of a reason to wait. Put simply, we’re already a few months closer than normal.


Why you should just preorder one:


  • There’s a 14-day return policy. Consider it a free trial. If you hate it, bring it back.
  • There might not be many iPhone X models later. We don’t know how supplies will play out, but suggestions of limited availability could mean a shortage. Would it be like the NES Classic? It’s impossible to tell.
  • On paper, the iPhone X is the best iPhone of 2017. The rear camera has added improvements (optical image stabilization for the telephoto lens, Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting for the front-facing camera). The move to an OLED display should mean better picture quality. It’s smaller than the Plus (but with a larger screen) and has better battery life than the similarly small iPhone 8. It’s the design revamp the iPhone hasn’t had in years.
  • You’re an early adopter who’s OK with experimenting. We don’t know how Face ID will work in the wild, but if you’re OK with that and with trying new tech, then dive right in.
  • It’s the best “showoff phone” status symbol of the year. I’ve only used one briefly at Apple’s iPhone event in September, but it definitely felt nice and looked nice, too. Unlike the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, however, you can definitely tell it’s “the new iPhone” from afar. If that’s important to you, this is the iPhone you want.
  • You can always cancel. Chances are, your estimated delivery date may be December or later. That gives you plenty of time to change your mind. (Or, you could always sell it on eBay, if supplies really are super-limited.)


While iPhone X is still expensive why not get an iPhone case that looks like a camera and amazes your friends with every shot!


Shiatsu Physical Therapy

Japanese Massage Therapist | Vancouver BC

Shiatsu is a physical therapy that enhances the body’s ability to balance and heal itself. Its effects are felt in all parts of the body including emotional and the mental systems. Shiatsu massage originated in Japan from traditional Chinese medicine. It is believed to help relieve one from any pains in the body as well as any form of sickness. As long as your body is still strong enough to handle pressure from massage, shiatsu can be administered to you. The technique behind this physical therapy is that it exerts pressure on your body parts to improve the body’s energy known as Qi.

How does it work?

Shiatsu is based on the philosophies which view health problems and sicknesses as caused by the imbalance of the body’s life energy (Qi). Shiatsu which is done using the fingers to exert pressure on specific points of the body depending on the individual’s needs will help restore Qi which in turn will relieve the patient of any ailments at the time. Originally, shiatsu had one formula of administration to the body, which is the finger pressure. But after being fully incorporated into the Western culture, today shiatsu is done in a wide array of various styles, and massage practitioners around the world are still developing new approaches to treatment. Some of the various styles of shiatsu developed so far include;

  • Movement
  • Hara
  • Zen
  • Healing
  • Namikoshi
  • Macrobiotic

Most people today prefer shiatsu massage whenever they are ill because it is a natural form of treatment and does not involve pills and injections. Shiatsu is extremely helpful in improving health and vitality among most people. Ideally, shiatsu massage works on the whole body of an individual rather than focusing on specific conditions. This makes it effective and suitable for people of all ages from babies to the elderly. A shiatsu session involves sharing with the therapist so that the treatment can be tailored to your needs. The work is normally done on a light cotton mattress on them floor while the patient is lying down. But if the patient does not want to lie down sitting or other positions can be used.

Are there benefits of shiatsu massage?

Aside from being a deeply relaxing experience, Shiatsu helps reduce quite a number of health problems ranging from physical to emotional. Below are some of the health benefits of shiatsu;

1. Improves blood circulation

2. Promotes healing from sprains and other similar injuries

3. Helps deal with insomnia

4. Relief from headaches

5. Reduces problems with stiff neck and shoulders

6. Reduces stress and tension together with anxiety and depression

7. Restore and maintain the body’s energy especially to those suffering from general body weakness and fatigue

8. Relief from arthritis

9. Also helps with digestives disorders, morning sickness, bowel trouble and menstrual problems.

10. Relief from respiratory problems

Generally, shiatsu will incorporate both static and dynamic therapies which make it efficient in helping patients deal with both mental and physical health problems. Shiatsu can help you get relief from chronic illness. It is also a good form of palpitation treatment. Shiatsu is one of the safest treatment methods but cannot solely be used for all health problems, though you can use it alongside other treatments too.

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