What Is An Airsoft Gun

People learning about the term airsoft the first time, often ask what airsoft is. The term airsoft refers to the airsoft guns which are the exact replicas or lookalikes of real war guns, and are used for the airsoft gun shooting recreational games and sports. These guns are used in a simple way for shooting plastic pellet, which is not harmful at all for humans. With these guns, people play casual war games and does shooting practices. And their use is allowed for anyone of any age. Means even minors can indulge in the gameplay of airsoft guns without any trouble or threat. Their mimicking look of real weapons with a safe mechanism makes them a much-preferred gaming tool.

What is airsoft – facts

Here are some interesting facts about the airsoft guns, which would help you figure out what is airsoft.

  • The projectiles shot by airsoft guns are 6 and 8 mm in diameter.
  • The operating principle of the weapons varies from model to model. Models vary and found in spring-loaded form, gas-powered form, and electric or battery-powered form.
  • The airsoft guns produced in Japan are governed explicitly by special rules for their metal parts.
  • The new models of the airsoft guns made in Taiwan and China are made of all metal parts both internally and externally.
  • Originally, the typical airsoft guns are made lightweight. But to add a more realistic feel to look and use etc., steel made guns are also manufactured which are more substantial than the typical ones.
  • Some of the items added to airsoft guns to give them a more realistic feel and look are noise amplifiers, smoke caps, etc.
  • Gas-Powered magazines can contain 10-30 pellets. In some advanced models, the capacity may go up to 50 bullets and even more.
  • The AEG rifle magazines vary in size. They may be low, medium, standard or high. The high capacity may go up to 190 plus rounds.
  • Some spring-loaded airsoft guns make a rattling noise while you move with it in hand. This happens because the magazine has a ratchet wheel to pull the pellets from the holder to the chute. And after this, the loose granules in the chute makes this noise.
  • There are some airsoft guns can hold pellets in thousands. They have a drum magazine which is battery–powered.
  • One can make DIY changes in their airsoft gun with a little knowledge of the tech stuff.
  • Airsoft guns also come with the hop-up system. This adds an extra range to the pellets by adding backspin to them.
  • Another effect, the Magnus effect helps lift the pellets while shooting, and this helps counteract the force of gravity.
  • The bullet in most of the guns are white, and in some, they are black to create an invisible effect. In some firearms, even phosphorescent pellets are also used.
  • Normal pellets come in bags in quantities of 2000 to 5000 pellets per pack. However, pellets for tournaments come in 65kg bags too.

These are some of the simplest facts about the airsoft guns, which would give you a clear idea of what is airsoft, so that you may move up to the next level to explore them. For more information regarding airsoft please visit https://www.kingkongairsoft.com



Guide To Ontario Online Dispensary

Ontario Online Dispensary

Whether you need marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes, the first thing that you might want to know is how to buy marijuana online. There is nothing to worry or fear because these tips are proven safe by the buyers. So, free yourself from the hassle of going anywhere because you can have it delivered right at your doorsteps!

Purchase bitcoins.

Buying through the bitcoin is the safest way to place an order. You don’t have to provide your details by using this one. You can pay using credit or debit card, and stay anonymous once you have purchased your bitcoin. Some sites also have other payment options for buying weeds. All are designed to keep your account secure only if you have a guarantee that they are legit.

Install a Tor browser.

It is the safest way to browse anywhere on the internet. It works like the other types of browsers. However, you will notice that the URL ends with ‘onion.” You only have to do this step once, and you can use it in the future if you would like to use it again.

Find a legit site.

Just like the seller, you would also like to know if the site you are entering is legitimate. One of the effective ways is to check if there are the previous customer who experienced buying at that site. Whether they had a good experience or not, they are most likely to leave a review to let everyone know what to expect when they try to buy from that site. If you are comfortable with what you’ve found, then, it’s time for you to browse on the products.

Buying Weed Online In Ontario

It is also easy to find marijuana suitable for your needs. The site shows a description of each of the offers. If it is your first time to buy and you are not familiar with the benefits they can offer, you may either view the details of each or research some data about the products. It is essential to read all the information carefully so that you won’t regret your decision.

Ask questions.

If you need more information about the buying process or product inquiry, don’t hesitate to reach out through a private message or email. You don’t have to worry because your information will be kept secure. You can also stay anonymous if you are not comfortable giving out your ID.

Proceed to the checkout.

Once you have chosen a product, click the button that will lead you to check out. You will only need to send your bitcoins by adding your wallet address. Just follow the further instructions until you reach the order confirmation page. Remember, you and your information will still be protected until the end of the buying process. You also have the option to choose your delivery option. You can have it delivered at the fastest time that the site can provide.

Weed delivery in Canada

Just visiting an online dispensary you can get a hand on almost all types of marijuana. Most of them offer discreet packaging and fast delivery. Of course, the most exciting part about buying marijuana online is getting your order number. Now, you are ready to wait for the weeds to arrive!

iPhone Case Retro Looks Like Camera

The iPhone X: The final iPhone of the year.


Apple’s iPhone lineup has a different twist this year: the biggest flagship is arriving late, and it’s still a device we have lots of questions about. The iPhone X is available for pre-order October 27 and will begin shipping on November 3. Should you take the plunge?

Here are this year’s arguments for and against.


  • The iPhone X has a lot of unknowns. How does Face ID work? Is it easy to use? Is the new, longer display with that cut-out notch annoying? How easy is it to use Face ID to pay for things? We still have questions, and we don’t have definitive answers yet.
  • It’s OK to wait. Diving in on day 1 with brand-new tech is exciting, but it’s also a rougher road. Having millions of buyers actually using the device might reveal issues Apple never ran across in testing. You could wait for it all out and see how things go, and decide later. Really, that’s OK.
  • It’s really expensive. Starting at $1,000, the iPhone X model you probably really want is the 256GB version at $1,149. Comparably, the still-really-good 256GB iPhone 8 Plus is $949. Which… is also expensive. But at least you’ll save a bit of money.
  • Version 1.0 of any new tech is usually a risk. Apple’s next-level face-mapping 3D sensors on the TrueDepth camera promise a lot, but odds are that tech will be further refined in a year or so via either software or hardware. Waiting a year for a possible “S” model isn’t such a bad way to go if you’re at all uncertain.
  • It’s not that long a wait till next September, and maybe a second-gen X model. Does that sound insane? Assuming next year’s iPhones arrive in September, this later November launch means a 10-month wait instead of 12 months. And, if your preordered phone is delayed, there’s even more of a reason to wait. Put simply, we’re already a few months closer than normal.


Why you should just preorder one:


  • There’s a 14-day return policy. Consider it a free trial. If you hate it, bring it back.
  • There might not be many iPhone X models later. We don’t know how supplies will play out, but suggestions of limited availability could mean a shortage. Would it be like the NES Classic? It’s impossible to tell.
  • On paper, the iPhone X is the best iPhone of 2017. The rear camera has added improvements (optical image stabilization for the telephoto lens, Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting for the front-facing camera). The move to an OLED display should mean better picture quality. It’s smaller than the Plus (but with a larger screen) and has better battery life than the similarly small iPhone 8. It’s the design revamp the iPhone hasn’t had in years.
  • You’re an early adopter who’s OK with experimenting. We don’t know how Face ID will work in the wild, but if you’re OK with that and with trying new tech, then dive right in.
  • It’s the best “showoff phone” status symbol of the year. I’ve only used one briefly at Apple’s iPhone event in September, but it definitely felt nice and looked nice, too. Unlike the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, however, you can definitely tell it’s “the new iPhone” from afar. If that’s important to you, this is the iPhone you want.
  • You can always cancel. Chances are, your estimated delivery date may be December or later. That gives you plenty of time to change your mind. (Or, you could always sell it on eBay, if supplies really are super-limited.)


While iPhone X is still expensive why not get an iPhone case that looks like a camera and amazes your friends with every shot!